Lohri Special Menu @ Farzi Cafe

The Farzi cafe is a well known place located at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon which is known for its Modern Indian cuisine and the twist that they provide to their food. They have introduced Lohri Special menu and it is catching very much attention, hence I thought of trying it out myself.

This post is only about the lohri menu, if you’re looking for complete review of the place then you can check in my blog:


They have introduced 4 new items as part of the Lohri menu.



Matka Chhole Luchhi Puff (4.8/5): Lucchi is fried bread popular in bengal. These were served with tangy preparation of Chhole inside earthern pot. Everything was cooked perfectly and spiced nicely.

Rewari Gachak Peanut Butter ice-cream (5/5): Sesame & Peanut Butter ice cream topped with home made jaggery, sugar nuts, and caramel pop corns. The best lohri twisted delight that you can wish for. Must try.

Bathua Sarson ka Saag (4.7/5): This one is for the makki ki roti and sarson ka saag lovers, it is farzified version of it. Saag made in ghee filled in open faced crusty boat made from Makki ka Atta, topped with Jaggery, hung curd and sirke wale pyaaz. Videshi outside and desi inside.

Bhutta aur Palak k tinke (5/5): This is one of my favorite. Presented beautifully like the bonfire of lohri. Skewers of sweet corn and spinach on bamboo sticks having amazing bell pepper dip drizzled over, served over crispy potato tornado chips. Must try.

So get set and try the new menu today @ Farzi Cafe. 🙂




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