Sky Cycle at Frenzy Adventure Gurgaon

Frenzy Adventure is the recently opened idyllic adventure destination which is located just 10 minutes from the heart of Gurgaon. It has many thrilling activities which includes one new and unique thing that is Sky cycling. Lets see in details.

Wall Climbing: Unleash the Spiderman in you and enjoy the thrill of climbing to reach the top of 40ft high wall. Sky Cycling: Ride a bicycle 25ft above the ground on a single rope. This is the first sky cycle in North India ever. It is really nice and new experience. Try it to believe it. Zip Line:  Zip line over the park with their 45ft high and 220ft long zipline. Catch the bird’s eye view and experience the thrill of zip line by screaming your lungs out. Cricket Net: Just like any other cricket net, it is nice for cricket lovers. Dirt Remote cars: Enjoy the dirt racing with remote dirt cars. Challenge your friends and enjoy this. It was harder than it looked. Reverse Bungee: It was one of my favorite and most thrilling. Get tossed in sky and experience a free fall.


Apart from these thrilling activities they have kids’ activities and place as well. Like Bumper cars, Obstacle run and a dedicated park with little Columbus and other stuff for kids so that they don’t feel left out. Also they have a dedicated stage and DJ as well.


All in all it is unique destination for adventure activities for every generation.

More about frenzy adventure at


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