Karate Kitchen comes to GK1

Karate Kitchen is a Delivery outlet which recently opened its branch at GK 1, Delhi. The place is known for its fresh and nicely packed authentic Thai and Chinese delicacies.

The Packaging last time I ordered from MG Road one was very rigid but this time it was slighlty better and easy to open. The Delivery time they took was around 37 minutes which is decent enough.

In their Menu you will find a nice variety of Thai and Chinese cuisines. As written earlier the prices were a little on the higher side.

This time we ordered, Thai Green Curry with rice (3.5/5): The curry was a bit sweet, can be better. Pan fried Noodles (4.5/5): As usual they were very good. Honey Chili Potatoes (4.7/5): Nicely flavored. Not much sweet. Crispy Lotus Stem (4.5/5): Nice adn crispy came with a special masala, was good.


Fiery Chicken Momos (4/5): Nice and juicy. Though I found this time it was a bit oily. Fish with cut Chili (3.7/5): Was a new addition. I felt it was OKish. Oyster lime Chicken (4/5): Nice juicy and saucy.

Brookie (4.7/5): (Cookie + Brownie = Brookie) As usual this was very nice.


Verdict This place has not degrade in their quality over time but still needs to work a bit on oily momos and prices.

Packaging– 4.5/5

Food – 4.4/5

Delivery Time– 4/5

Value for Money – 3/5

More about Karate Kitchen:
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