Forking Around @ Project Fuel Event

Now before starting this write up I would like to say that this is not a food review it is about the experience I had recently at an event which moved me.

A friend of mine introduced me to Project FUEL  and I was invited for to their Pop – Up Café event. Project FUEL is a life skills education initiative founded and run by person named Deepak Ramola. They collect the Life lessons from people of all ages and backgrounds across the world and design full-length workshops based on these life lessons and this Café event was one of them.

Ya at first it sounded pretty weird to me as well but when I saw their you tube video (Project FUEL) I thought of going there and experiencing myself what are they up to.


So when I entered the place I was asked to sign up and they a table was assigned to me. Now each table had 6 people all coming from different background and of different age group. From a  Refugee, to farmer, to show biz guys, to founder of a peace organization you can find as many variety as you can imagine.

Activity 1: So in first activity we were asked to break the ice and give introduction telling majorly what you love doing. Cool done broke the ice. It was normal and Fun.

Activity 2: Each of us were given some postcards with life questions. You have to read you question and tell you answer, it can be funny, vague or loud just be free to express. Post your answer everybody will give their answer to the same question. Then it will be their turn to read and so on.

The questions were like “How’s your Sunday Afternoon”, ” How’s you life at 6:45 am”, “What is life when you have too many questions”. This activity opened all of us varied individuals to each other a little more and now we knew how the other guys reacts to day to day situations and times.

Activity 3: So this was the one. In this you have to tell your life’s lesson. The crux or just of the life and the experiences that you have had in you life. In other words what advice you will give to other person from the experiences (positive or negative) you had in your life. Now I was amazed to see people expressing themselves freely and even I was flowing on and expressing my life.

(Pic Credits: du_beat & Project Fuel)

Post this whole Pop up event I was feeling free and lightened. I was amazed to interact with so many beautiful people coming from different backgrounds, facing different situations and coming out of it bravely to share their learning from it.

Loads of wisdom shared and it was a Therapy for me !!

More about Project Fuel:

In 2016, they have worked with the Syrian refugees and travelled for a 90 days long tour to work in refugee camps of Europe. Project FUEL has taught over 62,000 individuals in India and has travelled across Nepal, Afghanistan, Sweden, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Hungary. Project FUEL has also been featured in the database of Centre for Education Innovations.


Web site:


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  1. Project fuel is a platform to express our feelings and share our experiences. Expressing our feelings works as a wiring to connect our relationships. Feelings have strong bonding impact and sharing thoughts does build a sense of connection.
    Project fuel is a forum where we can describe ourselves with no fears and that is very important.
    Thank you team project fuel doing a wonderful job. Regards


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