Oreo Pakodas @ Gurgaon

New York Slice at Sector 50, Gurgaon is the known place for its Pizza and fast food but the most interesting thing we found was in the desserts and yes it was Oreo Pakodas. Lets see leg by leg about the place.


The Ambience of the place is nice and eye catching. As the place is better known for its delivery model hence you won’t find much crowd here. Interiors and furniture used are pretty standard American style. Mostly red color used all around as in their brand logo as well.


The Menu they have is pretty straight forward nothing fancy. It lets you choose your passion easily. It has some nice variety of Pizzas(whole as well as slice), Pastas, sides,  risotto, pizza cones and some other things and just one Dessert option. The Prices they have kept are very competitive. The Service was nice, we didn’t have to wait much long for the dishes.

We had Teriyaki chicken cone (4/5): Nice and thin cone having filled teriyaki chicken and sauce. Apple Mojito (4.7/5): Very nice and must try. Strombolis (non-veg) (4.5/5): Very nicely made and you can customize your filling. Pepperoni slice (4/5): Nice pepperoni and right amount of cheese. Meatpacking District (4.7/5): Nice topping and amazing yummy pizza


Now lets talk about the show stopper. We gazed at the menu and found just one thing in dessert so we thought ya lets see that one only then.

It was the Oreo Surprise (5/5): Just like fried ice cream, this was fried Oreo with nice crunch coating on top. Due to the frying the biscuit became soft and it was melting in mouth. It was very good and I will definitely go back for this one if not for the pizzas.


Verdict – This place is a must visit for the Oreo surprise and ya they had pretty decent pizzas too.

Ambience – 4/5

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

Value for Money – 4/5

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